3 Vertical Injection Molding Machine Facts You Need to Know

10 Dec.,2022


horizontal injection moulding machine

The global injection molding industry is expected to reach $20.49 billion by 2027 and has been used for years to create unique and helpful products.

Two common forms of injection molding are made with vertical injection molding machines or horizontal injection molding machines.

While you may have heard about horizontal injection molding machines, keep reading to learn three hard facts about them!

1. What Is Injection Molding?

Injection molding uses a screw-type plunger to force heated plastic, or metal into a mold. As the material cools and hardens, it creates the end product. Everyday products created using this process are:

  • Water bottles
  • Single-use plastic products
  • Toys, such as Lego animals
  • Automotive parts
  • Healthcare supplies
  • Construction materials

If you’ve bought something at a store, chances are you’ve bought products made using this process.

2. Vertical Injection Molding Differs From Other Machines

When you look at vertical vs. horizontal injection molding, there are major differences you can see right away. A horizontal injection molding machine works on a horizontal axis, whereas a vertical injection molding machine works on a vertical axis. Typically equipped with a rotary table and virtually eliminate the issue of gravity dislocation with vertical alignment machines.

This machine is great for insert molding applications, and it’s perfect for applications where speed is necessary since you can quickly load the mold.

3. The Advantages

When it comes to flexibility for production cycles, cost, and the type of products that can be created, vertical injection molding machines win every time. A vertical injection molding machine uses less plastic than a horizontal machine because of the smaller shot size.

“Shot size”, otherwise known as the amount of heated plastic needed during the injection molding process. With a vertical machine, the plastic comes from the top letting gravity do the work, which reduces the amount needed, reducing waste. This also gives you a more consistent material flow and temperature distribution.

A vertical machine also has a better design allowing for multiple, concurrent operations to have at once. Rotary tables allow for the two bottom halves and one top half to be used simultaneously. Therefore, making it perfect for projects that require insert molding or over-molding.

Take Advantage of Vertical Injection Molding Today

Now that you know more about vertical injection molding machines and how they differ from other machines, let’s get your project started! The machine turns on a vertical axis and can be more cost-effective depending on your project requirements.

If you have a product you need professional help to create, request a quote today! We’ve been helping companies like yours for years, and we can’t wait to help you too!