5 Best Stand Mixers to Buy in 2023

16 Jan.,2023


Finding the best stand mixer for your needs comes down to these main factors:

✔️ Capacity: This refers to the size of the work bowl. We like a 5-quart bowl as a baseline, but a larger bowl can give you more flexibility for batch size if you find that you’re always doubling your recipes to cook for a crowd. That said, if you bake for just one or two people or need the ability to whip just a few egg whites or a small portion of heavy cream, a smaller bowl is a better choice.

✔️ Wattage: This indicates the maximum power of the motor. Think about what you like to bake most. Will you be using the stand mixer for sourdoughs and pizza crusts? You want motor that can tackle stiff or sticky doughs: The higher the watts listed for the motor, the greater the power. Looser items, like cake batter, can turn out nicely even with a lower wattage.

✔️ Price: Clearly you must consider what you can afford. Some high-end mixers can cost more than $500, while others are closer to $50. Sometimes a budget-friendly model is a steal, but other times you might find that the motor can’t handle heavy-duty tasks or just won’t last as many years. A larger upfront investment in a high-quality mixer may save you money over time.

✔️ Material: Higher-quality machines are usually constructed of coated metal, which provides both durability for a long life and heft to keep the machine in place during use. Metal is often easier to clean because it's usually smoothly polished with fewer crevices. Lower-priced models are often made of plastic, which can be a boon for lifting and storing (and price!), but the lightweight design may mean it shifts around during use or shows wear-and-tear more quickly.

✔️ Size and weight: Do you plan to store your stand mixer on the counter? If so, you need to consider the width of your available space and the height of your cabinets when choosing your model. If you plan to store your stand mixer in a cabinet or pantry, the weight will be an important factor, as you'll need to be able to lift and move the unit with each usage.

✔️ Attachment and accessories: Most stand mixers will come with a paddle attachment (for cookie doughs and brownie and cake batters), a whisk attachment (for meringues, marshmallows and whipped cream) and a dough hook (for bread doughs). Some might also provide a paddle attachment with a fin that helps you scrape the side of the bowl as you mix. The most versatile machines include the option to buy additional attachments that let you use the stand mixer’s motor for completely different tasks, like rolling pasta, juicing fruits and veggies, grinding meats or peeling produce.