Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

30 Nov.,2022


Granule Packaging Machine

Introduction to Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

We offer Automatic Form Fill & Seal Machine for granules, tea, coffee, mehndi, tablets, salt, sugar or other similar granules. These automatic packing machines are highly suitable for packing various powders, granules, tea, coffee, peanuts, mehndi, tablets, etc. The following three models can be your choice according to your need.

Features of


Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

1. Application: DXDK-40(80) automatic granule packaging machine suitable for 1-50ml (g) of granule materials packaging, used for food bag and bag of salt, desiccant, tea, etc.
2. Packaging materials: Paper/PE, pt/PE, pet/plated al/PE, BOPP film, tea filter paper and other compound packing materials can be heat sealed. ( If the packing material was changed, it also suitable for instant noodle soup bag, granule, tea, sugar, salt, radix isatidis granule items etc.)
3. Packaging Forms: Three sides, four sides, and back edge sealing
4. Working Video of DXDK-40/80 Granule Filling/Packaging Machine

5. Main Technical Parameters

ModelDXDK-40DXDK-80Bag SizeL(55-110mm)W (30-80mm)L(80-150mm)W (70-105mm)Capacity35-90bags/min35-80bags/hFilling  Range1-40ml30-100mlPower220V 50Hz 1.9KW220V 50Hz 1.9KWWeight350kg400kgDimension600*790*1780mm700*800*1780mm

Advantages of


Fully Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

1. Application: The packaging machine for packaging pesticides, veterinary tablets, seeds, medicine, feed, desiccant, salt, MSG, soup, buckwheat tea, coffee as well as free flow of particles, complete automatic metering, bag making, cutting, counting, play dates.
2. Characteristics:
① Decorated with stainless steel in accordance with GMP standard.
② The machine adopts PLC controller, using advanced CPU and best power supply. All the parameters can be install and adjust easily.
③ Accurate tracking: at the speed of 50-100Bags/Minute, the error is less than 0.5mm.
④ Bag’s length can be set by a computer which gets rid of the troubles of changing the gears and adjusting the length by hand.
⑤ The adopting alarm function for the specified output also can display the packing speed.
⑥ The printer can be selected which can print 1-3 lines of a batch number, production date, and shelf life.
3. Packaging Materials: Paper/PE, pt/PE, polyester/plated al/PE, polyester/PE, BOPP thin touch, filtering paper and other comprise materials that can be heat-sealed.
4. Sealing Forms: Three sides, four sides, and back edge sealing
5. Working Video of DXDK-100H Chips Packaging Machine:

6. Main Technical Parameters

ModelDXDK-100HBag SizeL(40-160mm)W (40-120mm)Packaging Speed30-80bags/minFilling  Range1-50gPower220V 1.8KWWeight300kgDimension600*790*1780mm

Highlights of


Multifunctional Packaging Machine

1. Application: DXDK-500(800)Multifunctional packaging machine is applicable to the grains, feed, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries granules that are loose, non-sticky particles. This packaging machine can realize the large bag-packaging. Such as washing powder, desiccant, coffee, tea, salt, commissariat, cookies, melon seeds, white sugar, peanut and other large items-packaging,
2. Function: This machine can finish a series of work including automatic measuring, bag-making, bag-filling, bag-sealing, bag-marking, bag-cutting, bag-counting etc.
3. Packaging Materials: Paper/PE, Pt/PE, PET/Plated Al/PE, BOPP film, tea filter paper, other composite packaging materials etc.
4. Main Technical Parameters

ModelDXDK-500DXDK-800Bag SizeL(50-200mm)W (50-130mm)L(80-270mm)W (780-200mm)Capacity15-50 bags/min15-50bags/hFilling  Range30-200g100-800gMain Motor220V 550W220V 550WPower220V 1.8KW220V 1.8KWWeight300kg350kg