Clean Compressed Air & Vacuum for Hospitals and Laboratory Applications

21 Nov.,2022


uses of compressed air

Hospital Bed Air Mattress Inflation 

Mattress systems combine multiple therapies with advanced algorithms to determine and display therapeutic support pressures, based on each patient’s specific height and weight. Precise cyclic loading and off- loading provides maximum differentiation between the inflated and deflated cells. The result is superior pressure redistribution across the entire body of the patient and the prevention or cure of pressure ulcers commonly called bedsores.

Medical Ventilation

A ventilator is a device that is designed to provide mechanical ventilation for patients who need support to breath or cannot breathe on their own. Ventilators have a small blower component which provides air flow moving breathable air via a mechanical pumping operation into and out of the patient's lungs. They are used across healthcare including intensive care units (ICU), at home and in transit during emergency medical care at accident sites or in transit to a medical facility.

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