CNC Cutting VS Laser Cutting: Which Process Is Better For You?

02 Dec.,2022


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CNC routers and CNC lasers have similar features and applications, such as being controlled by CNC machines, producing precise parts, low waste production, more capacity, and high productivity. They use for the fabrication of parts and create limitless designs.

CNC cutting is a connection base cutting procedure and manufactures precise parts with exact positioning and velocity.

We can find some differences, such as laser cutting perform through heat while CNC cutting can achieve through friction. Laser cutting uses a laser in a place of physical method like CNC router. CNC router has one advantage of cutting straight lines, curved and diagonal cuts, which we can’t get by other methods.

Another main difference is the low cost of CNC cutting as compared to CNC laser. It can cut material like foam, wood, plastic, and acrylic like CNC laser. We can cut tough gemstone and metal with a CNC laser, and it can complete with the help of a laser beam that uses for a custom shape and design for the cutting. Laser cutting is a non-connection base method and performs many processes. CNC laser produces intricate parts with high tolerance. Parts manufactured by CNC laser don’t require any after finishing or polishing. The clear cut is possible in laser cutting due to burning techniques.

CNC cutting/router uses specific tools for fast and efficient parts production. You can create a custom design according to clients’ requirements by using AutoCAD and CorelDraw. CNC cutting also can produce multiple products and use thick materials.  It is easy to cut and control over depth of cut by using a CNC router. It gives no discoloration of the edge and allows us to produce three-dimensional cuts.