Combination weighers

26 Apr.,2023


VegSmart LC-16 Linear
Combination Weigher

The LC-16 is a combination of 2x LC-8 linear weigher. With this structure there are 4 workplaces that are easy to keep up with by the employees. In the long run, this guarantees high productivity! The central conveyor belt between the 2x LC-8 machines has high combs and they transport each batch separately. This goes directly to the box or the packaging machine. The product therefore only undergoes one operation after harvesting. This prevents damage and pollution. Specific characteristics: 16 input positions, weight per position 10 - 1,500 grams, total combination up to 6,000 grams per batch, up to 35 batches per minute Flexible programming, easy integration with a packaging machine, Very easy to clean and maintain. Weighing and packing on the belt, only two actions to damage the product less, Very suitable for sticky and fragile products for beltways and packing, All dimensions can be adjusted and tailored to the product properties, Suitable for a conveyor belt and an automatic packer to be combined Infinitely adjustable speed of all tires for different product characteristics, Automatic zero setting on all weighing belts for more accuracy, Special heating design in the electronics box to prevent fluid accumulation

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