Dragflow: Dredge Pumps

17 Nov.,2022


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Dredge Pumps

Dredging is a form of excavation carried out underwater, gathering up bottom sediments and transporting them elsewhere. Dredging operations are crucial activities for develop and maintain harbors networks, keep or improve navigability of water-ways, restore dams capacity, construction of damps and ports, recover valuable mineral deposits, contaminants remediation, installation of off-shore platforms, fast reaction in civil emergencies, among others… all of them are essential activities to sus-tain economic growth in most countries.

All of our Submersible Slurry Pumps are suitable to be used for dredging. The solids are pumped mixed with water. There are many applications for our dredge pumps: Dredging of Rivers, Harbors, Dams, Canals, Lakes and Lagoons. In some cases is es-sential to control the turbidity while dredging, this is something that our dredge pumps are able to do. Here below you can read about some of the multiple applications of our Dredge pumps.

You can find more about dredge pumps fundamentals in our section Slurry Pump Basics.

We offer a wide selection of electric or hydraulic dredge pumps, hydraulic power packs, booster station and dredges. You can find them in our products section.

Dredging is an energy intensive operation. The main challenge for manufacturers of dredging equipment is to develop efficient machines that can reduce the use of energy, and thus contain the operating cost of projects. Dragflow has been fully concen-trated on submersible dredge pumps technology since its beginnings, and is now able to provide the widest range of high efficient electric and hydraulic submersible dredge pumps in the market.

The presence of a double blade agitator together with pump suction directly in contact with the material make Dragflow pumps able to move slurries with solid content up to 70% by weight. Higher solid concentration means using energy to move solids instead of water, so you will be able to work with smaller diesel engines and reduced discharge pipe diameters. The result is a considerably reduced operating cost per cubic meter while keeping total daily production at the same level of bigger size cutter suction dredges.

The Dragflow submersible dredge pump is a versatile tool. It can be attached to the boom of an excavator and run using the excavators hydraulics, or it can be suspended from a crane or an A-frame to form a high efficient suction dredger. Design of dredgers comes out to be extremely simplified with possibility to reduce capital cost and have high working depth without any increase in the cost of equipment. Pumps can be provided with cutter heads and thus form a submersible cutter dredger, and could include high pressure water jets to work with highly compacted soil.

To carry out the work in a professional manner, you have to choose the proper equipment. Asking us for expert advice can em-power you to make the right choice, that could be more affordable and easy to implement than you think.