Experimental Investigation of Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Process Using Developed Articulator

06 Jan.,2023


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Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process is used in fabrication of structures and welding of pressure vessel components because of some advantages, such as higher weld metal deposition rate, requirement of lower welder skill, and good quality of weld in versatile positions. Further, GMAW process can be automated for achieving higher rate of production. In present work, GMAW process is automated using an articulator that can control welding speed. Experiments are carried out using welding process specification prepared as per ASME section-IX. Weld samples are manufactured using single " V" butt weld joint design. Welding parameters, such as welding current, open circuit voltage and welding speed, are varied in the range of values as per ASME section-IX. Further, the test samples are subjected to physical and chemical testing for evaluating welding process capability. Desirable quality characteristics of weld are assessed based on the value of ultimate tensile strength, chemical composition and root penetration. An effective range of welding current, open circuit voltage and welding speed is identified for sound quality of weld with constraint over maximum heat input.