Granules & Granular Product Packaging Machines

30 Nov.,2022


Granule Packaging Machine

When you have to package granules like salt and sugar, you need an accurate, specialized granule filling machine. We offer a range of packaging solutions including auger and vibratory fillers, vffs baggers, and checkweighing machines that fill products with both speed and accuracy.

Watch videos of our granules & granular product packaging solutions here. 

Granule Filling Machine Applications

Our packaging solutions can handle these products and many other granular items:













State-of-the-Art Granule Packaging Machines

Packaging granular products can be difficult since they can’t be moved on a conveyor system. That’s why we carry numerous pieces of equipment so you’re sure to find a granules packaging machine which will do the job. Granular auger filling machines streamline your production process and increase your efficiency while automatic vertical form fill and seal machines help to speed up your operations. Each granule packaging machine is safe, durable, and easy to maintain.

Filling Your Granular Products

All-Fill’s filling systems are perfect for granular product filling. We offer auger fillers, vibratory weigh fillers, and cup fillers that are flexible, easy to use, and provide accuracy. All-Fill’s granule filling machines are targeted towards free-flowing products to achieve high rates. Our filling machines are the solution to your demanding granular filing requirements.

Speed Up Production with Our Granules Bagging Machines

All-Fill’s Vertical Form Fill and Seal machines provide the speed and accuracy required to vertically fill and seal bags of your granules to meet your packaging demands. VFFS Baggers can handle any granular product that requires laminate film structures and polyethylene films. Our granules bagging machines offer a variety of bag styles including gusset bags, pillow bags, doy-style stand-up bags, flat bottom bags as well as a variety of hole punches and tear notches. We are ready to help you decide on the right bagging machine to speed up your production.