how to use a metal lathe: gap bed lathe machine operations

27 Dec.,2022


gap bed lathe

1.Longitudinal handwheel of counter-clockwise turning slide box 24,Turn the slide box longitudinal handwheel clockwise 24,and move the saddle to the right. Each grid on the lathe dial is 1 mm.
Operation a Longitudinal feed 150 mm, then longitudinally retracted 130 mm.
Operation b Return 20 mm longitudinally and 186 mm longitudinally.

2.Turn the tool holder clockwise (middle slide handle)23,The tool holder moves away from the operator (ie, laterally into the tool); otherwise, it is laterally retracted.
In the middle skateboard scale exercise, it is required to move at a slow speed, requiring both hands to alternate and move freely, distinguishing the direction of retracting and retracting, and the reaction is flexible and the movement is accurate.
The plate on the plate is 0. 05 mm.
Operation a Adjust the slide scale to zero position and feed in the horizontal direction 2 m m.
Operation b Adjust the slide scale to 25 and the horizontal return to 1mm.

3.Turn the small slider handle clockwise to move the small slider forward; turn the small slider handle counterclockwise to move the tool holder to the rear.
The small skateboard scale exercises require a slow and even movement, requiring both hands to move alternately.
Each grid on the small skateboard dial is 0. 05 mm, and the week is 100 grids.
The correspondence between the face scale and the number of cells.
Operation a Adjust the small slide scale to zero position and feed longitudinally 3 mm.
Operation b Adjust the small slide to a size of 42 and the longitudinal direction back to 12. 5 mm.