Ishida launches sector-specific multihead weighers

26 Apr.,2023


10/01/2017 | Packaging

Ishida GmbH

Ishida launches sector-specific multihead weighers

In the autumn of 2016 Ishida introduced serial-produced multihead weighers for the high-performance processing of twelve different product types and a variety of target weights. These affordably priced packaging machines are ready for operation right away.

Weigher series for the efficient weighing of frozen meat, frozen vegetables, noodles, cereals, dried fruit, fruits and nuts, fresh products, salad, sweets, baked goods and biscuits, pretzel sticks and animal feed are now available from Ishida. The twelve multihead weighers come with special features such as specific angles, drop heights and contact surface coatings in order to ideally adapt to the properties of the various products.
Technologically, the twelve weigher models are based on the latest generation of Ishida CCW-RV multihead weighers. The 14-head weighers work at high speed with great precision and durability. Intake feeding starts and stops at lightning speed, accelerating product flow with more consistent distribution in the trays. A digital filter for the weighing signals increases the precision of combination calculations and the weighing signals are converted in combinations with greater calculation performance. Efficient tray control ensures immediate opening and closing without product deposits. A calculator computes the potential based on the entry of product properties such as bulk density and the anticipated target weights.    


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