JORESTECH Luggage Wrapping Machine STR-5000N: Industrial & Scientific

19 May.,2023


If your items are to be shipped outside the United States of America, please note that nations often charge import tariffs or nationalization fees. In addition, the courier or shipper may charge a small import/export service fee. Unless otherwise noted in writing, these costs are not covered in the shipping costs nor by Technopack Corporation. You, the buyer, will be liable and responsible for all import tariffs, charges and/or fees charges incurred due to the importation of an item. Main Advantages:
Protects Product for Theft, Rain, Condensation, and Breakage.
Can Wrap Large and Small Pieces of Almost any Shape>
Inexpensive to Operate.
Fully Contained in One Rugged and Compact.
Unit Uses Stretch Film, a ubiquitous and inexpensive Material Film can be any color from transparent or opaque.
Minimal Operator Training is required.
Extremely Easy to Operate.
Equipped with Braking Rolling Casters.
Easy to Move or Quickly Situate at the Best Locations by a Single Person.
Does not require bulky and power-hungry Heating Systems.

Machine Specifications:
Powered Pre-Stretch Film Head.
Delivery System.
Easy Adjust Luggage Base.
Maximum Package Weight: 220 lbs (100 Kg).
Stretch Film Width: 500 mm (20")
Platform Speed: 20 rpm.
Load Size: 16~32" (400~800mm) x 7~14" (180~350mm) x 12~20" (300~500mm) H
Control Panel: Master On Light.
Turntable Revolution Counter.
Pre-Stretch Adjust Control.
Cycle Start Push Button.
E- Stop>
Wrap Cycle Timer>
Wrap Pause Push Button>

Other Specifications:
Electrical: 110V/60HZ·
Machine Size: 63" (1600mm) x 26" (660mm) x 47" (1200mm)
Machine Weight: 500lbs (227 Kg)
Boxed Size: 65" (1651 mm) x 74" (1879 mm) x 26" (1371mm)
Boxed Weight: 625 lbs (283 kg)

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