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22 Mar.,2023


Linear multihead weigher |Handbook of weighing sushi and cold dishes, you might wanna know!


Soft rice, fresh taste, slightly sour and long-lasting taste, it is wonderful to eat it all in one bite! Autumn is around the corner, and summer is coming. When the weather is hot, sushi is a good choice for meal. But do you know? As early as more than 1,800 years ago (that is, the later Han Dynasty), sushi had been spread in China, and it was not introduced to Japan until 700 AD, and gradually developed into one of the local traditional delicacies.


Sushi can be served as a snack or as a meal, and there are a variety of species and tastes. The common snack ingredients in sushi, such as octopus, cuttlefish, snail meat, wakame, etc., are very popular because of their delicious taste. Now, there are many ready-to-eat cold dishes in different sizes and packages on the market, and many sushi lovers will also choose to buy the same instant snacks online to DIY sushi at home.





So, do these products have good quality and required quantity? This is probably what all buyers concern about. High Dream provides professional weighing and measurement solutions to solve your doubts about the packaging ready-to-eat cold dishes.


High Dream linear multihead weigher

The ingredients of Japanese food such as octopus, cuttlefish, snail meat, seaweed, wakame, etc., many of them are sticky. This makes weighing become more difficult. The High Dream Linear Weigher is mainly aimed at such sticky and fresh products. It is equipped with a scraping hopper, which can make the material fall more smoothly and improve the weighing efficiency.


At the same time, the anti-sticking linear multihead weigher has a small drop, which ensures the appearance of the product while protecting the product; the 3-layer hopper with memory hopper effectively improves the speed and accuracy. In addition, optional linear weigher driven by vibration, screw, and conveyor according to different requirements and material types, flexible and easy operation.

High Dream provides intelligent machines (including linear multihead weigher, 4 head weigher, etc.) and values food safety and quality standardization to achieve more sensitive and intelligent detection, safer and more stable product output, and effectively improve the overall efficiency of the production line.


Realizing "sushi freedom" at home is just a piece of cake. High Dream uses integrated and efficient modern technology to present food in front of you. More accurate and safe, High Dream strives to give you intelligent weighing, exquisite life.