Lyophilizer Features Comparison - Freeze Dryers for Microbiology and Pharmaceuticals

12 Apr.,2023


F - Lyophilizer Bulk Trays, Flasks, Tubes and Accessories
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F1 - Lyophilizer Stoppering Tray Dryers

Labconco Stoppering Tray Dryers are ideal for batch drying operations involving pre-frozen samples from the same, or similar, production lot; the vessels are placed in a tray dryer to ensure uniform conditions. Although slight variations in drying conditions may be experienced for samples located near the clear front door of the tray dryer, the samples are heated under the same protocol and conditions to ensure maximum uniformity.

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F2 - Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer Flask Manifolds

Manifold drying provides a flexible alternative to tray drying for small volume samples with high eutectic and collapsed temperatures, vials, ampules, or frost-free flasks. Manifolds are connected to individual ports on the manifold after the pre-frozen samples are removed from a storage freezer or low-temperature water bath. Manifold systems accommodate vessels of different sizes to allow drying of multiple products or batches during a single run. As each vessel has a direct connection to the collector, manifold drying is more efficient than tray drying.

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F3 - Bulk Lyophilizer Freeze Drying Chambers

For stable products resistant to changes in moisture or oxygen levels, bulk drying chambers permit precise control of temperature and heat input. Rather than drying products sealed in individual vessels, bulk drying involves spreading the products across the surface area of a shelf or tray. As heat is transferred to the samples through conduction from the shelf or tray, the product must be spread across the area to a uniform thickness to prevent changes in heating rates. Bulk drying is not suitable for samples prone to cross-contamination or changes in atmospheric conditions.

Lyophilizer Chamber Sizes and Dimensions:

F4 - Lyophilizer End Point Detection

Determining the primary drying end point for each sample can be a challenge. Once the vessel is free of ice residue, the drying of samples located at the edge of the container is complete. To ensure that the center of the product has completed the drying process, an electronic vacuum gauge is used to measure the condensable gasses in the closed system. When the electronic gauge displays a pressure equal to the minimum level attainable by the system, the sample contains no more water vapor.

Labconco Freeze Dryers

Labconco’s End Zone system provides an alert when sample moisture levels have reached user-selected criteria, taking all of the guesswork out of end point determination.

Labconco’s Lyo-Works operating system, included on each FreeZone model, provides an audible alarm and automated email to each user when sample end points are reached.

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F5 - Lyophilization Remote Monitoring Dry Freezer Conditions

While freeze drying runs can extend well beyond normal working hours, remote system monitoring is crucial to ensure system efficiency. Labconco’s Lyo-Works operating system, standard on all FreeZone models, provides users with real-time sample conditions, including vacuum levels and collector temperature. Sample status updates are provided by email to each selected user when runs are completed, the drying end point is determined, and system parameters change.

Lyophilizer Setup and Installation

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