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24 Nov.,2022


Avocado Cold Press Machine

can filling machine

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This machine  is capable of accurately dispensing dry powder into round-shaped rigid container (401#-502# Metal -Plastic -Paper Can) at line speeds up to 50 bpm ,Two-stages filling integrated with inline check weigher and reject system .

It provides precise weight control to save expensive product give-away .

It is widely used in milk /Protein powder filling and seaming line featured with High speed,good accuracy and  stable performance.

1: Two-stage powder filling integrated with Two inline check weigher and reject system:,featured with High Speed,Good accuracy. 2:All parts and assemblies coming in contact with powder are made of S.S.304 and easily removable for maintenance changeover. 3:NO CAN, NO FILL" System eliminates wastage of costly powder,only when can in place then filling start. 4: Can Feeding was contorlled by servo system featured with stable performance and accurate positioning. 5: Powder Filling system was controlled by servo system with adjustable filling speed set and high accuracy

 The high-speed automatic canning line includes: can unscrambler → can turning, blowing, sterilization machine → double-head high-precision weighing fillingg machine → vacuum sealing machine → chain conveyor belt → inkjet printer → can turning device → chain Plate conveyor belt → capper → packing platform



Dosing mode

Two stage powder filling integrated with Two Inline check weigher and reject system

Filling Weight

100 - 2,000g(With Different Size Dosing Auger Tools)

Container Size

Φ60-135mm; H 60-260mm(With different size of can feeding tools)

Filling Accuracy

100-500g, ≤±1g; ≥500g,≤±2g

Filling Speed

3P AC208-415V 50/60HZ

Power Supply

15~18 KW

Total Power


Total Weight


Hopper Volume

83L(Big Filler-Bulk Fill ) 51L(Small Filler-Fine Fill)

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