The difference between CNC cutting & Laser Cutting — Larrikin

02 Dec.,2022


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What are the advantages of a CNC?

CNC machining is way more precise than manual machining and can be repeated in exactly the same manner again and again. They are great for increasing production speed and efficiency. 

Compared to laser cutting, CNC machines are often quite a bit larger, so they’re very helpful for large-scale installations and projects. For hardwoods and dense materials, they are also more effective at cutting and shaping, and can cut some materials that are dangerous to fire a laser at.

What are the disadvantages of a CNC?

Compared to laser cutters, CNC machines are not as effective at intricate designs, and can be cost-prohibitive to use because of their scale of overhead. For detailed pieces like event decor, signage, or thin plywood projects, a laser cutter is often the better choice for speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Do I need a laser cutter or a CNC for my project?

Conveniently, at Larrikin, we’re lucky to have not only our large laser cutter, but we also have access to a full-suite of in-house fabrication services including two 3-axis CNC milling machines and a full workshop (through our lovely parent company and companions at CNC Cutting Inc.) 

That means we can help you realize projects of any size or scope, from the grandiose to the infinitesimally small. If you’re not sure whether you need a CNC or a laser (or perhaps both to finish the full scope of your project), give us a shout and we’ll help you out on every front.

Send us your wildest dreams today to get started bringing them to life.