Vertical moulding for green sand casting explained

10 Dec.,2022


horizontal injection moulding machine

Vertical moulding produces hard, accurate moulds at outstanding speeds. DISA introduced vertical moulding to the market with the DISAMATIC® in 1964. For decades, it has offered the lowest cost-per-casting for medium-to high-volume production.

Since then, DISA has installed over 1,735 vertical moulding machines globally, with new DISAMATIC models at the cutting edge of high performance moulding. With the newly developed DISAMATIC C- lines, lower volumes can now be addressed cost-efficiently too.

DISAMATIC vertical moulding lines achieve very high moulding rates of up to 555 moulds per hour without cores and up to 485 moulds per hour with cores.

Fast pattern changing equipment means vertical moulding is also flexible and economical for shorter series production at speeds down to 120 moulds per hour with cores. With DISA’s Automatic Pattern Changer (APC), changing pattern plates only halts the moulding line for one minute. Changes with the manually operated Quick Pattern Changer (QPC) can be as short as three minutes.

A simple and proven core setting process makes creating hollow parts straightforward. DISAMATIC vertical machines are compact and offer a modern, safe working environment.