What Are Pipe Threading Machines? (with pictures)

25 May.,2023


Pipe threading machines are devices that are used to create the thread design on the end of a section of pipe. The uses of machines of this type allow the threading process to produce uniform pipe threads that are uniform in nature. This makes it possible to create both pipes that are configured with universal threads as well as piping that is equipped with a custom thread design.

At one time, pipe threading machines were the province of large scale manufactures and tended to focus on the mass production of threaded steel pipes. Along with carving in the specified thread design, the machines would also cut the pipe into workable sections, as well as ream out the pipe to ensure there were no defects in the pipe proper. Over time, the process for pipe threading and pipe cutting was refined, making it possible to produce completed goods for sale in a very short period of time. Along with the increased efficiency of production, the threading machines of today also require less maintenance than older models.

Along with increased efficiency and lower maintenance costs, there are pipe threading machines that are designed to work with materials other than metal. Pipes made with various types of plastic or resin materials can now be ran through pipe threading machines with no fear of overheating and thus damaging the finished product. There are many manufactures who use these machines to prepare low cost plastic piping making use of universally recognized thread configurations.

Along with the large industrial models, there are also a number of portable pipe threading machines on the market today. The smaller units make it possible for construction and plumbing professionals to cut a section of pipe and add the right configuration of threads to pipes while at the job site. Portable units are relatively inexpensive and may also be ideal for homeowners who prefer to do a lot of their own plumbing work around the house.

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