What Jacked-Up Rigs Are and When to Use Them

08 Feb.,2023


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Jacked-up rigs are floating drilling rigs with three or four movable legs which can elevate when the rig relocates from one location to another. Jack-up rigs are commonly used when drilling oil from deep-sea reservoirs. Moving the jack-up platform into the required area is either towered or self-propelled into the water.

Initially, the oil drilling process used to be frequently disrupted due to water and wind conditions. The support of the jack-up platform guarantees a firm base for the oil drilling procedure to proceed without interruptions. Here are the things you should know about jacked-up rigs, including their applications.

A Type of Drilling Platform

Columnar Platforms

The columnar jack-up platforms are constructed in a rectangular or column manner. It minimizes the platforms’ adequate weight-bracing facility, making moving it a challenge if strong wind conditions happen to affect the site’s waters. 


The type of platform is ideal since it offers massive stability to the jack-up system. The open-truss platforms are designed in a crisscrossed pattern to guarantee the stability aspect of the oil rig. 

When They Are Useful?

Jack-ups are prevalent types of mobile offshore drilling units made to drill oil in shallow and challenging environments. A jack-up rig also transfers motion generated by weather and sea currents to the subsea. You can use Jack-ups with high-pressure risers to form a more stable system that can minimize damage to the equipment significantly. 

Using a jack-up rig lessens loading on the surface and subsea components. Jack-up rigs can also handle tree handling and installing. These rigs are also pocket-friendly due to their low fuel consumption. The rigs are also helpful for reducing emissions when in use.

Types of Jacked Up Rigs

Compliant Towers

The offshore type of drilling rig comprises a malleable, slender tower supported by an assembled foundation. Its convectional deck functions both drilling and production. The robust unit sustains adjacent bends and forces in water from 1,500 to 3,000.


Drillships are customarily erected on tanker hulls floating fitted with drilling services. The jacked-up rigs work in deep waters for experimental drilling.


The types of rigs are used for drilling wildcats wells since they can withstand rough oceans. The semi-submersible drilling units float offshore on deep columns or huge pontoons, which can immerse the rig to the needed water depths when filled with water.

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A jack-up system is a highly unique facility. This rarity, along with the supreme utility, has enabled the jack-up drilling rigs to be an essential part of oil drilling. At BOP Products, we provide safe drilling solutions to protect workers on drilling sites.

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