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How To Recondition ANY Battery – The DIY Battery Reconditioning Station

The DIY Battery Reconditioning Station

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Get access to a free 5-step learning course

Get access to a free 5-step learning course

The essence of this eco-friendly business lies in the following: You get very cheap old batteries for a song, or for free (most often the owners are glad to get rid of this trash) Clean off corrosion, oil marks or electrolyte Restore their capacity (if necessary) Charge Test Then you sell the repaired battery with good profit and limited warranty.

The most profitable is to work with companies using electric cars in their work: Golf clubs use golf carts Warehouse complexes use loaders Solar and wind power stations accumulate electric energy also in batteries, this is the most expensive part of the system which requires maintenance.

Get access to a free 5-step learning course

Select battery type for reconditioning

Large corporations conceal the real picture that almost any battery can be charged and fully reconditioned at home.

If they tell you this, they will just lose their money. Their aim is to make you spend tens and hundreds of dollars on various accumulators and batteries for your car, mobile phone, notebook, pocket lamp, drill toys for your children, golf cart, and dozens of other devices.

Stop doing it! Today you will learn how to recondition dead batteries using the simple 5-step formula.

Absolutely all batteries fall into disrepair and even if you don’t have any clue about it, you can master this easy repair technique.

Batteries are divided by chemical composition, lithium, acid, and alkaline batteries are the most popular on the market. More than 37% of the market is occupied by Li-ion batteries, and the three leaders share 62% of the market:

Figure 1: Market share (income) of the producers of various types of batteries:

Almost any of them, see for yourself:

Sealed Lead Acid Car Batteries and etc

The good news is that you can easily and inexpensively recondition almost any type of batteries.

Learn more about this business from our free course – How to become a Battery Reconditioning Expert in 5 Steps .

By the way, according to statistics, an average family spends on batteries and related products about $140-340. And you can minimize your costs; people can count their money, especially when it comes to regular (!) costs.

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