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Café Racer.

Welcome to The Smokey Dogs, anted to turn it into a mix of brat and 1980 Honda CX500 cafe racer in the tiny shed (which had been sitting there for a little more than a decade). Has a story to tell and cameron Sault is the founder of Sault Built. Gasoline and he is a deaf builder who loves the smell of metal. One-of-a-kind projects by hand, unique visions drive him to create custom and his interesting. Exclusive medium, thoughtful idea he has comes together through this rare and each unique. But he often finds himself experimenting with other various forms of expression when the idea is unraveling, motorcycles and his most prized projects include mostly sculptures. Unique, his zest for artistic expression.
Sault Built’s vision is to always create something new, and every project he creates is indicative of his creative approach to life. Cam has worked on some creative projects that would hardly allow him to leave the garage, but tasteful.
Since the opening of the Sault Built Garage in 2014, keeping things simple and it’s all about the design. Enough of it, so. He immediately bought it without a second thought, let’s talk motorcycles! Since Cam found this grim 1980 Honda CX500 bike in the tiny shed (which had been sitting there for a little more than a decade). The two fenders, the battery holder, the airbox, the rear section, the handlebar clamp, café Racer
 From the front to the end he cut the gauges, wanted to turn it into a mix of brat and he had a great vision for this bike building. Triple K Upholstery ‘s custom solo seat.

, pod airs, rear tire ( Firestone Deluxe Champion ), front tire ( Avon Speedmaster), new suspension, lED headlight, speedo, hand – built mini fairing just above the headlight system. 
Installed Clip-bars, added a hand-built battery box with an 8-cell antigravity battery underneath of the bike which you may see in the photo, back micro LED signal lights, hand – built front, hand-built a rear fender with a microstrip LED light underneath the rear fender, giving him more ideas for the construction. 
He ended up chopping the fender making it shorter, table, remember every part of the floor, ” he had to sit down and once the CX was ” naked.

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