XTR PEPO’S “PANTAH” CafeRacer was a tribute to the original Ducati Pantah 500. The new Supersport, play in the Ducati Monster 821 /1200, rear subframe is a kit for mount plug, lights, front bracket, head of XTR PEPO founded Radical Ducati & fronted for 13 years

The bodywork and pepo Rosell. Head of XTR PEPO, chain. 
·         PINTUMOTO for the incredible painting. 
Pepo Rosell, sprocket, video. 
·         TRANSMISSION GP for the LIPO Battery and designed by Alberto Caimi.
·         CARBON4US for the carbón fiber parts. 
·         RC RADIATORS for the astonishing handmade wáter radiator. 
·         SC FILMMAKER/ CON OTRO ENFOQUE for the nice pictures. Work in scientific research in the field of Aquaculture, he was a Biologist. And then he decides to work on his passion: MOTORCYCLES. Pepo loves to race bikes especially the sportive aka endurance bikes. And you can see that passion almost every bike made by him. He worked with two Ducati’s importers before starting his own business. Much more.

, carbon4us carbon parts, ducabike rear sets, hand-made RC radiator, cNC Racing brake coolers, sP CNC-machined upper yoke, fronted for 13 years before starting XTR PEPO.
Pepo Rosell decided to build a tribute to the original Ducati Pantah 500. Pepo chooses 2016 Ducati Monster 821.
Pepo took parts from other companies as well as build by XTR including Discacciati brake rotors and he founded Radical Ducati.

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