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This Retro Bobber took me about 5 months to build it from scratch. The project started by stripping down to bare metal. Project started by stripping down..

You Can’t-Miss This Retro Bobber ! Hi. I’m Loen Montefusco the owner of Lucky boy Customs. We are a Stockholm based workshop in St Erikplan. Customize motorcycles and our lifestyle is to ride. More, harley’s, urals, honda, suzuki’s and we build different kinds of bikes. We will make sure to satisfy your needs.
This Project took me about 5 months to build it from scratch, the things you would like to change on your bike and we would like to offer you the best of our services to the best price that fits your budget tell us about your ideas. The speedo well that’s it, the engine, the front wheel, kept a few things from the bike and the project started by  stripping down to bare metal.  I bought a 1994 stock Sportster. I gave it a 35 degrees rake, and the rest is what you see…the frame is totally custom…the neck is a 1943 b33 BSA. The hard-tail is from an old twin cam. A big welding challenge to get it right. It’s about 12 cm from the ground under the engine which gives me a good clearance to not hit into whatever is out there on the road.
The back-wheel rim needed to be bigger, i didn’t want the frame very low but not very high either. Re-spoke it to fit the rear hub, i bought a 19″ front rim and so. 2″ understock, the front end is an I-beam replica 1936. The tires are 19″ Firestone Champion Deluxe with no white wall, tires oh yes. It doesn’t exist. I put that on, so. The seat   is a k-model 1945 replica on soft springs to keep your kidneys from falling off your body. With a custom velocity stack on the carb and the engine was converted from 883 to 1200cc with custom upsweep pipes. But that´s not hard.
One of the biggest challenges was to get the front brake right, i needed to reject that thing, of course. From there it turns hydraulic to activate the front end caliper brake, bMW s 1943 replicas…to the master cylinder which is located under the tank, it´s wire driven from the backward brake levers and as you can see. It took me a while to get it right. The internal throttle is also sharing the same space with the brake wire. I hammered the indents of the sides and the tank is elongated. Patience patience…
The headlight housing took me a couple of days to build. Turn into a 5″ to fit the stock HD headlight, a 7″ and i took an old  BMW s housing. Cutting and it took a lot of welding. This is the first motorcycle I ever built. Now I´m hooked.

, and it was very fun.

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