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The fully automated tube testing system

Tube manufacturers are faced with ever increasing challenges regarding the production and quality of both plastic and laminate tubes. The quality of the final product is vitally important to both the supplier and end-user alike.

Now with Q-test, routine tube testing to ensure manufacturing quality can be achieved automatically and results can be recorded and analysed to ensure consistency.

Manual quality control techniques are costly and labour intensive. A skilled operator is required to carry out these tests and results can be inconsistent and open to interpretation.

Whether making leak, burst, torque or side-seam measurements, Q-Test performs them all automatically, freeing up your valuable resource and providing regular, repeatable results.

Q-Test is a complete tube testing system and can also be supplied as two separate measurement systems:
Q-Test 1 comes as standard for leak, burst and torque measurements.
Q-Test 2 uses laser and vision technology to measure length, diameter, ovality and side seam compression and overlap.

Q-Test has been designed to be located in either a laboratory or production environment to suit your specific tube testing requirements.

Tubes can be fed to the system in one of three ways:
individually by hand
manually loading of a batch of tubes via a hopper
auto-sampling from the tube manufacturing line at regular intervals using a robotic sampling arm

Q-Test is supplied with an industrial PC to control the mechanical and software aspects of the system. All test results are logged allowing data to be interrogated both in real time or offline.

Trend analysis can be performed by product, customer, tube size, maker or operator.

Q-Test uses state of the art hardware and software and is well placed to cope with both current and future tube testing requirements, incorporating the flexibility and versatility which keep Cerulean products at the forefront of the industry.

Cerulean has a policy of continuous improvement and we pride ourselves on supplying products that incorporate the very latest in technology to meet our customers specific requirements.

Well known for our innovation, quality of design and high level of customer support, Cerulean gives you peace of mind.



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