Automatic Vertical Packing Machine for Granule Materials

30 Nov.,2022


Granule Packaging Machine

Automatic vertical packaging machine adopts the advanced small sachet packaging technology, is used for heat-sealing multi-layers compound material small bags. This is a fully automatically packing machine, bag making system uses stepping motor subdivision technology, high precision, error less than 1 mm. It is the ideal machine in packing industry from agrochemical, pharmaceutical, food to cosmetic , etc.

Automatic Vertical Packing Machine Features

▷The machine parts contact with the filling materials is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, meeting the healthy standard.
▷The machine structure is compact, solid, reasonable design, simple.
▷Using photoelectric eye control system, reliable and stable performance.
▷Adopts PLC, touch screen control panel, high control ability, makes it more reliable and convenient to operate and friendly in human-machine interface.
▷Fully automatically finish the process of measuring, bagging, date printing to finished products output, fast speed, high production efficiency.
▷Adopts the latest international small bag packaging technology to make the top sealing nice and smooth.
▷Stable operation, low failure rate, low energy consumption. No bag opening and no missing filling.
▷The pendulum disk capacity cup adjusting device can adjust packaging capacity in the operation process, reduce material loss, improve work efficiency.
▷Can pack various materials: OPP/CPP, OPP/CE, MST/PE/PET/PE.

Automatic Vertical Packing Machine Application

Automatic vertical packing machine is very widely used in food, chemicals, construction, fertilizer, medical, agrochemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical area for packaging puffed food, crispy rice, apple/banana flakes, cookies, shrimp, peanuts, melon seeds, rice, seeds, MSG, tea, sugar, chicken essence, oat cereals, salt and desiccant, popcorn and other granular/solid materials.

Working Video of Automatic Vertical Packing Machine